- Life skills

Apply Life Skills to Promote Global Citizenship!

Communal Violence has been ruling the headlines since a very long time. What appeals to the public is not the endless wars and intolerance for humanity but peace and harmony! Communal violence has consumed a lot of media interest among adults. How do you think your kids respond to this news? Do they respond and have some definite ideas about this violence?

Never mind, the answer is always vague when it comes to children. Mostly, we assume that news is for adults and not for children, especially when it is about communal violence. But have you ever thought that even children need to know about the World they live in? Much importance has been delegated to students to behave well in their homes. What about teaching them what it means to interact globally?

Not all students are fortunate to have global exposure. Most of them go to local schools and learn whatever is taught to them. They do not get the chance to participate in global forums unless invited via the internet. For example, on a social networking site, you will hardly see your children talking about universal brotherhood unless he has a foreign friend with whom he mingles the most. It is natural psychology and part of our culture to defend our own community. But looking at the growing annoyance between communities, we see a pending need to define cultural refinement through global citizenship.

If you heard him saying so, then probably he regrets not having done something in his life. Life skills provide the basic education towards a new way of thinking. For example, decision making skill. It teaches our children how to build a base for their thoughts which have a lot of power. It is a fact that thoughts can produce action and action has repercussions. To make it short and simple, decision making skills can provide a mean for success in life.

It’s time that students are taught to be responsible not only for their own society but for the World at large. We see global leaders talking about global peace every now and then. Why do you think they spend hours preparing a global speech? It is to make sure that our global citizens respond more responsibly towards the earth and its beings which in turn will make it a sustainable and safe place to live in.

Life skills help a child to think differently, to put forward his opinions, to broaden his horizons and not be caged into the humdrum of daily life. Moreover, it shapes an individual’s character by adding qualities like honesty, politeness, tolerance and respect towards other cultures.