- Resilience

10 Characteristics of Resilient People

Why is it important to develop resilience? How easily can you bounce back from hardships and misfortunes in your life? Happiness is accompanied with good times. However, in times of misfortune life turns to be quite a challenge. For someone to face such a challenge and prevail they must be resilient.

So, what is resilience?

Experts have defined resilience in many ways. Psychiatrists define resilience as the ability of a person to quickly recover from difficulties, hardships and misfortunes. Others claim that resilience is the capacity of individuals to navigate their way to resources that sustain their well-being such as the psychological, cultural, spiritual, social and physical. Finally, resilience can also be defined as the resistance to a steep decline in a person’s functioning even though they seem to get worse.

A person that successfully adopts resilience will have the power to deal with all types of life related pressures and stresses and in a successful manner and will feel more empowered than ever before. Below are the traits and characteristics of resilient people according to experts.

1. Realizing the importance of obtaining a stable and good social support and surrounding oneself with family, relatives, friends and beloved ones during times of hardship; is what resilient people do.

2. Optimism and self-confidence defines them at all times. They never see the dark side of any situation rather the bright side of it, furthermore, their high self-confidence that they have the power to overcome any obstacle they face and bounce back from it.

3. In terms of spirituality and faith they are masters. This enables them to triumph over any adversity that falls upon them.

4. Resilient people are curious about what’s going on same way as children. Curiosity about surrounding situations drives them. History and past event are meaningless to them. They save all their energy to invest in futuristic possibilities.

5. They are gifted as they realize their maximum limits. They focus only on important matters and always stay away from battles they have no control upon. This way they can invest their focus and energy on fights which guarantee them victory and not defeat.

6. Their values is what drives them, they acquire their values by forming strong bonds with the most important things in their lives. By not getting emotional whenever life takes an unexpected turn throwing them in a curve, they are able to align themselves with their thoughts and believes in order to be directed to the right track and stay on it

7. Resilient people take good care of their body and preserve it. Healthy food, well- earned rest and regular exercise is the key to their physical well-being. This pays off when it reduces the pressure on them.

8. Unlike non-resilient people, they don’t whine when a tragedy falls upon them, they are solution seekers. This establishes a sense of equivocation in them until they find the right solution.

9. Resilient people are always acquiring and accomplishing better things as they consider negativity and failure the fuel that drives them to success. Adversity is a challenge but not a threat in their eyes.

10. Their sense of humor enables them to overlook various adverse situations, which if taken seriously could cause them serious psychological damage.